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Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan
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Meeting at DC Confr. Hall reg. DFI
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Technology Week
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Field visit
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Training programmes for practicing farmers

  • Nursery management for paddy crop
  • Nursery management for fingermillet
  • Scientific cultivation of maize
  • Scientific cultivation of soyabean
  • Scientific cultivaton of groundnut
  • Scientific cultivaton of wheat
  • Scientific cultivaton of potato
  • production and use of organic manure
  • Potato seed production
  • Nursary diseases of vegetables and their management
  • IDM in vegetables
  • IPM in vegetables
  • Eco-friendly management of cabbage butterfly
  • Biopesticide - A major for plant protection
  • Management of pest and diseases
  • Rodent management in rive
  • management of fruit diseases and pest
  • Biological control of pest
  • Preparation of pesticidal solution and method spraying
  • Plant protection and flowers
  • Major pest and disease in vegetables of Tawang district anf thier management
  • Major pests and diseases in rice of Tawang district and their management
  • Training Programmes for Rural Youth

  • Production and use of vermicompost
  • Scientific seed production of potato
  • Plant Protection measures in floriculture
  • Processing and value addition of meat
  • Value addition from locally available resources
  • Training Programmes for Extension personnels

  • Scientific cultivaton of Groundnut
  • Scientific cultivaton of potato
  • Organic Plant Protecton technologies: An approach toward sustainability
  • Major pest and diseases of rice and their management
  • Effect of Selenium and Vita-E in pragnent cattle
  • High land pasture and their management for betterment of livestock productivity
  • omplementry food and feeding technique of Assam mix
  • Nutritional diet requirement for pregnent women and children