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Land Geography of Tawang

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Phsiography:- Tawang is a thinly populated mountainous tract lying roughtly between the latitude 27 degree 45'N and the longitude 90 degree 15'E on the Northwest extreme of Arunachal Pradesh. The district is surrounded by Tibet in the North East, Bhutan in South West and West Kameng district in the south East.

Climate:- Owing to the rapid changes in the nature of the terrain there are variations in the climatic conditions within short distances.However, on the basis of agro-climate parameters such as, physiography, soil, climate, natural vegetation and prevalent cropping pattern, a major portion of Tawang district falls under Agro-climate sub-region Viz, Higher Himalayan region (Alpine) which experiences a cool and pleasant climate.

Topography:- The topography of the district represents:

  • The snow cover Himalayan ranges from 11,000ft to 22,000 of which mostly include bare mountains and are mostly uninhabited.
  • The high altitude mountainous belt from 6000 ft to 11,000.ft which contains plateau and narrow valleys and are sparsely populated.
  • River:- Tawangchu and Nyamyanjchu are the two main rivers in the district. Majority of the villages are concentrated in the basin of the these two valleys.

    Soil:- The soil of the district is classified as Under:

  • Rocky and loamy skeletal texture with soil depth shallow to medium.
  • Sandy skeletal, Loamy, Loamy, Fine Loamy textured with soil depth medium to deep.