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In Replacement of local variety due to high yielding variety, to conduct the traning programme on scientific cultivation of crop, demonstration on preparation of organic manure, to introduce the double cropping instead of single cropping, to increase the production of oilseeds and pulses through National Cluster Frontline Demonstration.

Plant Protection:

Organic eco- friendly management of pest and diseases of field crops and vegetables, chemical management of diseases of fruit crop, distribution of trichocards, yellow and blue stickers, pheromon traps biopesticides etc., management of rodent and other insects cousing post harvest lost.

Animal Science:

1. Introduction of new breed of poultry.
2. Distribution of high quality and nutritive value of feeds to farmers, to increase the milk production and improve milk quality..
3. Distribution of medicines to maintain animal body weight and health, control of body ectoporasitic infestation in cattle..

Home Science :

1. Distribution of cole crop sedds among farm women to introduce kitchen gardening for their househol income generation.
2. Introduction of complementry food- Assam mix and comparison with local complementry food for assessment of nutritional status of children by anthopometry.
3. Introduction of light weight and low cost metal maize shellar for drogery reduction among farm women as per problem diagonised i.e. labourous and time consuming by traditional method.

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Senior Scientist & Head

 Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Village Changbu

Arunachal Pradesh





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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tawang was established in 2008 by Directorate of Agriculture with financial assistance provided by Indian Council of Agriculture Research 'ICAR' to improve production and evaluation of technology to speeden up the Agricultural produce in the district of Tawang.

Focus Areas of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Tawang

1.    Conducting OFTs and FLD for refinement of technologies.

2.    Organizing training for farmers, rural youth, extension functionaries.

3.    Formating of selfhelp groups(SHG).

4.    Publication of newsletters, leaflets,pamphlets ect.

5.    Conduct participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA) for problem identification.

6.    Participate in Radio talk, TV talks ect. publish articles in News papers>

7.    Organize kisan mela, kisan Gosthi, exhibition etc.

8.    Organize field trips or exposure visit to farmers, rural youths, extension function etc.

9.    Vacination and animal health care camp.

10.  Documentation of existing farming system.

11.  Database generation of agri and allied sectors.

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